Sunday, August 8, 2010

06.08.10 BANGKOK Lost in Banyan Tree

sorry I might have to repeat and recap this "cliché" and prejudice thing:

Yes, Bangkok, at least in rain season, feels like "Blade Runner" just that it is way more SciFi. And it made me feel like Mr Blundstone.

To keep the movie clichés in full force here is our as impressive Banyan Tree Hotel family suite kind of ballroom space. And yes all kids hooked up on jetlag we have little Z haunting you through the estates/residences as these pictures are all taken after east-asian midnight.

Thank you Banyan Tree for hosting our asian touch down so comfortably. The place first felt more like the above mentioned "Lost in translation"-set business hotel tower but then with all entertainment and the fully equipped kitchen and some midnight home cooking it really was a nice nest.

in detail
- a dozen remote controls for the various entertainment technology,
- among these three TV sets the size of a rembrandt
2 fridges, one with and one without mini-bar configureation
2 bathrooms incl 2 bathtubs 4 sinks and a couple of toilets

oh and then not to forget: MR STEAM, my new best friend.
this is something I do want at home. simple and easy:
two floor to ceiling Glass panes, one with a glass door marking a room in a convenient size. in it: a rain shower. a marble bench to sit on. and a little device mounted on the outside wall with the Mr Steam labelling on that turns this whole funky chamber into a full functioning post modern steam bath. I used Mr Steams services every day (also as I didn´t manage to visit the impressive spa floor (well my wife did)). and I would do Mr Steam every day at home too.
so that´s one first souvenir I will take home. at least the layout of our new wellness space, and will start researching glass pane and ....

oh and the swinger club kimono´s were really light and comfortable.
and looks like the corporate design is done by the same guy that looks after "dieci corso como" in milan.

Mr. Trip


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