Monday, August 9, 2010


Mr. Trip planned a diving tour today and because I am a little claustrophobic and so not into diving at the moment I was fine taking care of the kids. But we decided to join him to “divers paradise” at one of the three Gili Islands called Gili Trawangan. Oh wow, this is another former hippie paradise occupied by the new part time hippies, so beautiful!! It is not far away, 30 minutes by boat from Lombok and so “Shanti”. Sorry Christian Kracht for using your term idea (Sanskrit शान्तिः śāntiḥ means peace). Everything which is p.c. in the hippie regulations is “Shanti”.

When we got there I was afraid, heard about some Goa parties going on and I didn't want to make another 98 Dollar Ibiza experience. The main street with a couple of restaurants and bottle shops is a little crowded and me and the kids decided to take a horse Taxi, the only vehicles allowed on the island besides bicycles, although big A felt sorry for the horses.
As soon as you leave the main road it is so damn “Shanti” unbelievable, young beautiful people hanging out at the white beaches and the turquoise ocean. They have little bungalows there with the space of a king size bed, but hey what else do you need? Lombok and the Gili Islands seem to be the ideal place to go for the next 2 years before its too crowded, so hurry up and get your tiny sexy bungalow.

Shanti Mrs. Trip


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