Sunday, August 8, 2010

08.08.10 LOMBOK “Holiday Resort Lombok”

Have to admit I haven't seen the Island by day yet. All I have seen is our Resort which is called Holiday Resort Lombok,
sounds creepy, I know. And I don't know if I would recommend it.
If you are more the 5 star design person who prefers upholstered deck chairs, don't go. It is a little past its time and the bathrooms need to be refreshed, I hope they can hear me know. “Hello please renovate the bathrooms!!”
But if you don't mind old bathrooms and you like to refill your minibar by yourself at the bottle shop next door, it is actually a good place to stay, has a huge beautiful pool and a nice garden and for the ones traveling with kids it has a kids club too.

But sorry guys, this deck chair behaviour sucks. People start reserving pool chairs at 8.00 o'clock in the morning, I can't stand this.
I thought this is a German habit, but as we seem to be the only German family and the only family without a chair, this prejudice needs to be revised. Did find a lonely chair at the pool pump, which might have been the reason that it was still vacant. So I took the chair and brought it into my garden as you can see. After dinner I saw my dutch neighbours having a glass of wine there and you know what happened the next day: the whole dutch family moved into my garden including grandma. Super, now I have them directly in front of my apartment. No offense, I like them, but this is day two at Holiday Resort and again no chair for me. Luckily we are leaving tomorrow to a new fancy place.

best Mrs. Trip


  1. Happy to hear that the German stereotype has been busted...

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