Sunday, August 15, 2010

11.08.10 I was dreaming on Luna 2, Seminyak, Bali

It is easier to enjoy happiness than money (Marloes Jonker)

Yesterday night was very hot I could hardly fall asleep. Opened the veranda door and let the sound of the ocean in. While lying there with all my chaotic thoughts and impressions I squeeze in this short travel experience, a bright light entered the door and took me and my family away. On a white four wheel drive which said Luna 2 in yellow letters all over we drove to the moon. “Good morning madame what would you like to drink?” the friendly driver asked, showing me his inflight menu card.“Äähm sorry were am I, äh no thank you I am fine” I answered still not sure if this is a dream. We arrived Luna 2. 10 people all dressed in white expecting us at the front door. “Good morning sir, good morning madame, let me get your luggage, how was your flight?” Puh what do they mean with flight, the car? I am in my bed next door, am I? A very nice tall guy easily dressed in jeans and a "stooges" printed t-shirt shakes my hand “Hello I am Danny, welcome to Luna 2, we are so happy to have you here” his accent sounded english, “let me show you around”. We entered the main living room, on the right there was bar, a dinner table, on my left a library and an office space with an all new 17 inch IMac. A glass front led you to the garden with a huge pool and a Bisazza Marylin Monroe lying on the bottom of the pool, welcoming us with a kiss. Right behind the pool you would see the ocean and a lot of people strolling and passing by, staring at us like I was staring at the family on their Wally H2O/ the iphone G4 yacht I saw in July on Panarea. We spent 5 days in Panarea documenting the island for a new inhouse Lotus Cars Magazine.
Back to the Villa which has - I guess it was 5 bedrooms, all in a different color theme including a kids bedroom with 6 beds in it and a lot of toys decorated around. The kids could also enjoy themselves in their own kids room downstairs equiped with the latest games, toys and a huge TV and 4 playstation consoles. “But where are all the guests?” I asked “It is a small hotel with just 5 bedrooms maybe they are at the beach or all out for lunch” I said to myself. “ - "You are our guests, we only have one guest at a time.” Danny laughed.
I couldn't believe what I heard. “Yes sure this is the idea of this space, it is a private house with a staff of 26 people only here to make you feel comfortable. Let me introduce you to the chef, he will cook for you. May we unpack your luggage? What would you like for dinner tonight, any allergies, any preferences? Is there any laundry we can do for you? If you want a massage, a manicure, please let us know?”. My mind was shaking and his words seemed so far away. “If you want to invite some guests, some friends our driver can pick them up for you. How do I actually invite guests while dreaming? I heard a friend on Facebook calling my name: “Hey it is Marloes I am in Bali, let us meet for dinner?” Marloes entered, yes this was the Marloes I know from a couple of jobs we did together for Nike. She told us about her new bag company she is about to set up. While sitting and chatting the kids dissapeared with some nannies that manifested from time to time. We had a great 6 course menue starting with a porcini mushroom soup, pan fried gnoccchis with king prawns as entree and gold band snapper for the main course. This delicious menue ended up with a roncal cheese from spain after the pre dessert a caprese of goat cheese marshmallow and the chocolate bombe alaska were served. Marloes dissapeared and I fell asleep in the green room. In the morning a friendly woman woke me up serving cafe latte next to my bed and expecting me for breakfast. I saw the waves breaking through the window front. The sun was rising after a warm 5 minutes rain. Had a quick shower under a waterfall in the black bathroom and rushed down the stairs. At the breakfast table I found my kids already being dressed, washed, combed, sitting there in perfectly ironed clothes. I saw Croissants, Muffins, vanilla bears yoghurt with mixed berries, mushroom frittata, banana bread with caramelised bananas , sweetcorn fritters with bacon, roast cherry tomato all over the table.

And then BOOOOM

I found myself sitting at the isle seat on a plane flying to Flores. A white tote bag with a yellow Luna 2 logo was placed under the seat in front of me. It was two white heavy cardboard laquer boxes in it filled with croissants, homemade cherry muffins and a smaller box filles with chocolate cookies, still being warm. I have no idea where those came from.

Thanks to the amazing Luna 2 team for this exceptional dream.

yours Mrs. Trip

you remember moonbase alpha from brit sci-fi TV series "Space: 1999" (one of my favourites as a kid)
the draft for the set of this....., well see yourself:


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