Thursday, August 19, 2010

12.08.10 Trans Flores Express - Day 2

Going from Moni to Bajawa, via Ende. That is the cities true name. And it has the meaning, too.

Getting up at 4 am in the morning wasn´t as bad as it sounds, as we all have been somewhat happy to get out of our room at the lovely Flores Sare Hotel. Plan was to witness sunrise up at the three KELIMUTU crater lakes. The fun thing with the lakes is that they change colour from time to time. The big one (depicted here) is green the other one had a darker green and the third was almost black. More posts on this at it was quite a show, evoking stendhal syndrome emotions.

Yeah it was still early and getting little Z up there was not a real easy task as it involved some hiking. More details to come.

Going downhill again...morning sun through the clouds we actually been standing in...

We skipped breakfast due to a lack of appetite but came across one of the many fruit markets, so had a lovely healthy breakfast on the drive.

Our driver went as close to this umm, Bus, (Truck ?) that he actually touched the guys foot/sandal, so he woke up. You might know these guys already... they are the passengers on video, we met at the stop we needed to take due to road construction, that will also be featured seperatly in more detail...

This is a detail from the market in “Ende”. A village the dutch named for a reason....
Actually we learned later on from a gourmet chef back in Bali, that Indonesians would never buy fish or meat (or anything else) on the market on ice. As they wouldn´t trust it to be fresh then.
So pretty much any market display features a banana leaf as a base.

Another passenger. Yes, alive.

Basically our whole tour was coast to mountains to coast to mountains to coast to....did I mention that we followed the only road that crosses the Flores island in total ? And that is used by all traffic. There are no trains or flights.

On this strip of beach they do collect the lovely blue stones by hand....They do not show as nicely blue on monitor I just found out...we will change that for the print version.

Kids on, umm, duty.

They still been too curious not to come to our car on our stop.....and in a more than fun mood.

The man most probably living in the house above. Yes looks like a cliché stock photo, but it´s pretty impossible to avoid...and the smiles are all honest. People really think we are funny.

One of the many many active volcanoes. The clouds on top are actually smoke. And just left of were I was standing was a fun little girls volleyball tournament. The Ende of the world championships.

The Street running through in the villages is flanked by these colored flags. I first thought this was already decoration for the coming Independence Day celebrations but Augustinus said they are always there. Everywhere. Just for the fun of it.

Oh yes, one of the funny details of this version of catolicism is that they do have graves in their gardens in front of the house. Nearly all family homes have such a tiled mini mausoleaums in front. They come in many colors and styles (and I unfortunately missed to do a little feature on them), but are always covered with washable bathroom tiles. sometimes they are finished in a way you can sit and meet on them comfortably.

So second stop, second residence. This time we got an upgrade, we even had (some) hot water in the bathroom and a TV.

We had a nice little dinner with the drivers of the other tourists (yes there been more than us) on the table next to us, listening to Football worldcup songs on their mobile phone speakers together. with us.


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