Tuesday, August 24, 2010

14.08.10 Komodo

We are getting up at 6.30h because we want to go to Rinca to meet with the Komodo dragons. We asked the guide to make a short tour today so the kids can spend a day on the pool too. An old fisher boat is hired for us, but this boat is so slow I would be faster swimming. We see beautiful Robinson Crusoe beaches and a lot of monkeys and Komodo Dragons. The dragons are quite, umm, cute as well. Annoying little Z today was crying madly on Komodo (because she was too lazy to walk) so that the dragons quite curiously got all hungry on little humans and appeared out of the bushes...no joke. They get attracted by theses sounds as they indicate there is some creature in danger and panic and so makes a nice little snack being an easy victim.
We have amazing food on this slow nutshell on our way back, the best food I had during the Flores trip.After 6 hours on the boat instead of 1,5 hours as promised we are back in the hotel. It is raining and we all take a swim in the pool, I feel so happy and so alive.
We will be back to luxury from now on so stay tuned....

best Mr. and Mrs. Trip

The sticks the Rangers are using to keep the Dragons away

A little display on the Dragoons recent menue....

At Komodo´s airport lounge

Flores views form the boat.

That's where Robinson Crusoe and his family live these days.

Pimp my boat

Dragons hanging out under the rangers kitchen. They do not feed them, but the dragons smell the chicken of the rangers lunch. As the dragons are the biggest reptiles on land beside alligators they do not have enemies. They don´t bother all the humans hangin´out around. Guess we are simply big pieces of pale meat...

They look like bored tired little pets. It´s all strategy. They are really fast, 18km/h, and will get surely into action when you are close enough. The only have to bite once. If they don´t manage to kill you straight away, they relax and wait because they have lots of BAD bacteria in the salvia, you will certainly get a nasty infection. So they just need to follow their victim until it´s easy to catch again.

Couching in the bushes.

Monkeys ´n mangroves

The Trips´ and Mr Augustinus

Very spongebob isn´t it ?

Another bored cutie on the beach.

Yummie fried sweet potatoes we had on the boat.

The boats around the komodo islands. Thats how you go out snorkeling, diving or just beachin´ around the islands.

On the boat.

Divers boats. no, no pirates.

Labuan Bajo

Entry to the first 5 star resort on Flores. This island is developing. Labuan Bajo and the komodo archipelago is a GREAT holiday spot. Amazing dives great beaches and lovely boat tours to hang out...

So the way to the resort is still not as developed...

Entrance. ´n cows, too.

This tower feels a little like holiday in Poland, sorry no offens.

Komodo international airport.
Bye flores, rough beauty....


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