Saturday, August 7, 2010

05.07.10 BANGKOK

Is it ok to have prejudices? We all have images in mind when we go to a place we don't know yet. But what do we want to see if we are going on a trip do we expect to see something new or do we want to get our prejudices being confirmed? I guess both. Sometimes we are afraid of the new and happy to get what we expected even if the expectations were bad.

My idea of Bangkok:
1. looks like the City in Bladerunner
2. dirty
3. poor
4. crowded
5. stinky
6. fat ugly eurpoeans looking for a woman to marry

Starting with the famous boat tour, through the canals and yippieh I got all my prejudices confirmed within 5 minutes and my camera chip full of pictures we all know from all the guides about Bangkok, good trip, worth its money! Running around the palace and the markets we decided to give up the little german Marco Polo travel guide recommendations and put ourselves in the hands of Wallpaper city guide and Bangkok seems to change from yesterday into tomorrow.I was so excited to take a Tuktuk (a typical asian car rickshaw) to the Tearoom recommended on the first page of the 24 hour tour. But the Tuktuk guy didn't see a good profit in taking us as we denied a trip to another attraction where he prefered to drive us because might get a fee by whoever in bringing us there and buying some plastic buddhas. So he refused to take us and we had to choose a taxi instead. Bangkok is so crowded that you should avoid taking a car, your are even faster by walking and for sure faster by taking the very modern sky train. After the stinky harbour where you leave the boat through sandbags and wooden slats we ended up at the Erawan Shoppingmall in the very fine super stylish Erawan Tea Room in between the Lanvin Shopwindow and the Comme des garcons store. On our way home in the sky train we felt like giant stone-age retards, to big and to slow for the tiny little busy thai metropolists. Beside the fact that we didn't know how to use the ticket machine i thought we have to put our ticket tokens into a slot which turned out the ticket token have a chip inside which can even be read in your pocket like on a skilift. The MRTA Subway reminded me of Hearthrow Airport with an extra second glass door on the tracks which opens when the train arrives. Every day after 5 o clock it started raining which is a relief after a hot day and turns the city into my Bladerunner dream, me in my transparent Muji raincoat as Pris the robot, thank you Bangkok.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I love refreshing sprays got this at the pool:
Todays Hotel Aroma: Peppermint
Incense Stick of the Day: Lavender

UPPS!! No sorry this is not our pool, it is Jaques Tati living next door.

This is our pool on the 22th floor!!


BIG A and LITTLE Z got caught by "not sleeping on the flight when they were supposed to" and so missed their lunch they just odered.
“Banyan Tree” has nice doggie bags and we do have a fully equipped kitchen in our ..., ok let´s just call it "room" for now.
I did have the pleasure to serve LITTLE Z her lunch at around 1.00 am last night. Then on to watch Australian TV to serve the jetlag....


Hello from Bangkok! After an 11-hour flight we are here. The flight wasn't that bad, we were well prepared with a lot of movies on 3 Iphones, an Ipad and two Laptops.

First some of the the boring details which are always part of our usual travel experiences, like:
I forgot my camera in the appartment and had to rush all the way back home and Marcus forgot his Maestro Card in the Cash Mashine at the airport in Bangkok, or like I gave each kid a motion sickness pill before we started (both kids cant even stand car driving) and why not I took one by myself, bad mistake. Those pills make you sleepy and if worst comes to worst you get panic attacks and a very fast hear beat. So guess what happened I got it all, fell asleep in the Taxi and hardly made it through the check in (excuse me, my passport, puh where was it again, everything is ssso o o o , s l o w). I always have some Air Sickness Bags with me for the kids which can also be used in case of panic attacks against hyperventilation but I made it, no hyperventilation just the usual “puh very tight in a plane and a lot of strange people around” thing.

Without any sleep we landed in steamy Gattaca.

Thanks to our nice hotel, Banyan Tree, a chauffeur all dressed in white picked us up and cruised us to our accommodation. Come on how stylish, I was to tired to freak out, sorry for that.

Finally, this is the view from some of our suites windows. No joke.
Detailed description of the amazing suite later.

Monday, August 2, 2010


I swear we only have little luggage. Just a pair of sneakers, some flip flops, a bikini and one pair of shoes for dinner including a dress. But we always end up having at least 10 bags. But I know we need the 7 cameras, 1000 chargers (including 3 different toothbrush chargers, as we are a proper family and taking our tooth cleaning serious). I am off and very excited. All travel details later, taxi is waiting.