Thursday, April 12, 2012

Running at La Quinta Resort Palms Springs

Today I completed the 7-mile trail in 1 hour, 38 minutes. I had to stop at every water dispenser to cool myself down, although it's not too hot. It’s actually quite comfortable, about 28-30°C in the afternoon. When we were here last time in the summer the average temperature was about 40° and it didn’t cool down by night. Our savior was the water sprinklers placed on the balconies to cool down the air with a fine mist in the evening – sexy indeed.



At the moment it gets pretty cold at night, and I carry my cardigan everywhere. After two days, La Quinta Resort has me convinced – and it's a real children's paradise as well. Our kids are out with their new friends, so mom and dad can get comfy with the other temporarily childless parents on the veranda or at the pool.

Did I mention the margaritas already? No joke: I never had a thing for margaritas; now I am totally hooked. I’m still not as bad as the other moms from San Francisco, who by 2pm have already picked up their margaritas in to-go plastic cups and are explaining to me on an endless loop which tourist attractions I really shouldn’t miss. I was also assured that a certain power of endurance would be to my advantage when it comes to dealing with teenage girls – and that I should prepare for the worst.

The resort has been designed such that 12 apartments flank the pool and Jacuzzi, lending itself to a community feeling. After just two days I know my little pool compatriots by their first names. As I said, I love the open-mindedness as well as the talkativeness of the Americans.

Unfortunately we have to leave our little township after two-and-a-half days. The first tears fall. There is then a conciliatory exchange of addresses, and the new pen pals promise to stay in touch.

Outfits by Nike Gyakusou and headphones by Molami


  1. I checked out the rates in and the prices are comparable to the cheap hotels in london paddington. I like this one for their fair share of humid weather. Perfect for exercise.

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