Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Integratron

After a short break we continue with our california desert trip.

Today is alien day, but more on that later.

“Have you ever heard about the Integratron?” our friend asks at breakfast, “You need to go there. This place is magical.”

According to the website ( the place is an “acoustically perfect tabernacle and energy machine sited on a powerful geomagnetic vortex in the magical Mojave Desert.” A quote from a local newspaper elaborates: “Whether you're interested in space aliens, Sound Baths, or local history of the strange kind, the Integratron is a can't-miss Morongo Basin landmark."

The creation of American paranormal researcher George Van Tassel, the Integratron is based on the design of Moses' Tabernacle, the writings of Nikola Tesla and, supposedly, telepathic directions from extraterrestrials. The one-of-a-kind non-metallic structure was originally designed by Van Tassel as a rejuvenation and time machine. Thirty-eight feet high and 55 feet in diameter, it is the only all-wood, acoustically perfect sound chamber in the US.

If you are interested in going there, you should make an appointment beforehand. Otherwise you might miss the Sound Bath, “a 30-minute sonic healing session with 9 quartz crystal bowls played live in the Integratron's highly resonant, multi-wave sound chamber” (aka kindergarten naptime for grownups in a dome). Because of the busy spring break season we unfortunately can't get a date during our stay.

However we couldn't miss the opportunity to visit this energetically charged, magical place. So we appeal to the kindness of our friend Ali and are soon heading to Landers, California, home of the Integratron.

The story of the site goes like this: Van Tassel, renowned aeronautical engineer and test pilot working for Howard Hughes Aviation and supporter of the UFO movement, build a domed structure in the middle of the desert. One night, in August 1953, a saucer from Venus landed there, woke Van Tassel up and invited him onto the ship. There, the aliens showed him the technique for rejuvenating living cell tissues. In 1954 he and his family began building a structure they called The Integratron to perform the rejuvenation. George described his creation this way: "The Integratron is a machine, a high-voltage electrostatic generator that would supply a broad range of frequencies to recharge the cell structure."

As we approached the fenced off site, after miles and miles of nothing, we see that the gate is closed. There’s a sign saying that a treatment is currently in process and one should wait with the car outside.

 Marcus gets out of the car to explore the area. Suddenly, a blonde lady drives down to us on a converted golf cart costumed as a covered wagon. She opens the door, waves me in and disappears. I start to follow her. Then, remembering Marcus’ worry that I will travel along with the aliens back in time, I run out quickly to get him. In any case I will not travel back in time without him.

A very relaxed couple greets us in the chilly little courtyard. “We are friends of Ali's,” we open the conversation. "Oh, I love Ali," the woman answers with a smile. Check! We are in. Still no chance of a Sound Bath – it's already booked out – but before the bathing guests arrive we are allowed to have a quick look at the magic halls for about five minutes. 

“To get in you have to take off your shoes… and watch your head when you climb up the ladder,” they call to us from behind. I'm surprised that they allow us to inspect the building alone. That's how they are, "the spirits", always deeply relaxed.

Inside nothing exiting awaits us. Just a wooden dome structure decked out with hippie-classic décor. Aside from a little exhibition about the emergence of the Integratron, there is not much to inspect. The main room is located up the ladder on the first floor where sound therapies obviously take place. The accoustic is realy amazing. Next to yoga mats and pillows I see white crystal bowls and a table topped with esoteric potpourri, devotional objects, yogi portraits, toys… and anything else visitors might consider important and worthy of adoration.

The view upwards shows a round window in the middle of the dome. Based on my knowledge of feng shui, my guess is that the opening is meant as an approach flight path for dragons entering by bundled energy flows. I remain shortly under the opening to draw off at least a little of the energy, but then I have to leave. I don't want to impose on the hosts in their hospitality.

Back outside the covered wagon is rattling past me, led by two plastic horses. The host shows a friend the grounds. There is some chattering about the possibilities, the energies, recent trends in the esoteric business, and somehow I get the feeling that even here, there is a lot of humor involved.   

My kids are swinging in the hammocks in the garden. We continue swinging four-way and then we set off. It’s very nice over here. Unfortunatley I haven't met any aliens or maybe I have. We get into the car, I connect my iPhone and start some music on shuffle. The sacred sounds of a meditation CD come out of the speakers, we push skip and burst out laughing.


  1. hey Marcus lost your email hit me back when you can. let's try and do something great :)

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