Wednesday, March 14, 2012



Travelling involves the unexpected. Change of location provides sensation. Always. The details are the language for the stories that remain. Travelling provides change. Change is good. Todays communication gets faster - todays communication gets more personal.Travelling is experience. Even in todays more than structured transport infrastructure. ENDLESS discovers, but more than this, provides inspiration to discover oneself.

We are the Trip family, we travel the world and would love to invite you to join us, be inspired and then go out and see for yourself.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Say hello to ENDLESS magazine

After we finally printed our first issue of ENDLESS magazine we are happy to also freshen up our website. Besides the print magazine wich will come out twice a year with our recent travels we will feed your adventure and aethetic hungry eyes with a colourful mix of personal impressions, eyecatching product finds, exotic souvenirs, yummy recipes and some videos we took in between. Also and in collaboration with Louis Vuitton Amble we will feature little city guides,  wich are very individual travel advices from our friends and cities around the globe. If you are permanently afflicted with wanderlust or just looking for some inspiration for your next vacation or adventure, you are at the right spot with us.

We would like you to follow us...beyond just travelling, beyond simple holidays. 

In a world far away from outdatet travel guides and -advices you could easily find anywhere else.

music: "Grace and Music" by Workhorsesong
video edit: Klara Plainer