Friday, September 13, 2013

Rob Machado on Nowness

Endless Summer on

Our first video from Endless No. 02 California is on NOWNESS today, featuring surfer Rob Machado! 

Rob Machado weaves over the Pacific Coast surf in today’s short from photographer and filmmaker Marcus Gaab. The veteran of the board was presented with his own accolade on Huntingdon Beach’s Surfing Walk of Fame in 2011 following a career that has seen him win multiple titles including Hawaii's prestigious Pipe Line in 2000, as well as film cameos in the 2007 animated film Surf’s Up and his own 2009 documentary, The Drifter. Shot here in his hometown of Cardiff, California, Machado is known for his relaxed style: “It’s a cliché that you expect a surfer guy to be very zen in all regards, but he really was like that,” says Gaab, who has shot for The New York TimesVanity Fair and Hermés. “I think that’s what we tried to get across.” The film was conceived as part of The Trip Family Meets...,  a new film series for Gaab’s travel magazine Endless which sees him enjoy a road trip through the Golden State with his wife, Christiane Bördner, and their two children. Meeting Machado was the first of several pit-stops that included taking in “hippies in Big Sur,” the Eames family house, celebrities in LA, and Death Valley. “My kids have to go through a lot, but they really enjoy it,” he adds. “Whenever we say we’re leaving, they’ll always run, pack their luggage, and stand in the doorway. And having them with us on the interviews, they are the best icebreakers you can imagine.”