Thursday, September 19, 2013

Levi's Station to Station

Our friends at Levi`s has teamed up with a number of creative institutions, artists and musicians to create this amazing artistic journey that takes you by train from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Coast, from NYC to California.  „ A nomadic happening“ as they call it.
9 stops, a mix of big cities and off-grid locations. Pittsburgh, Chicago, Minneapolis, Santa Fe/Lamy, Winslow Arizona, Barstow California, Los Angeles California and Oakland, California. Every stop offering a constantly changing program of creative content. The train, designed by California multimedia artist Doug Aitken, is not only used for transport, it also functions as a studio, broadcasting unique content from on and off the road.
Station to Station unites some of the leading figures in the creative field with the most interesting underground creators for a series of interventions and site specific happenings. To embrace constantly changing stories, unexpected encounters and creative collissions between music art and film.
Follow the whole trip online on
Here are some images from the first part of the trip. Enjoy!

Off it goes, the train has left NYC, headed to Union Station, Pittsburgh 

Monday, September 16, 2013

29 Palms

On it goes, into the Mojave Desert. Next stop: 29 Palms

The last time we were here in August 2008, it was 41 degrees Celsius. Getting out of the car felt like stepping into a sauna – a dry heat that burned the skin immediately.
The town was named in 1852 for the 29 palm trees that grew in this oasis, which was also a stop for wagons on the Utah trail. You wouldn’t think of the middle of the desert as the ideal training grounds for the Marines (who are usually water-based), but here, in the middle of almost nothing, is the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center.